Why I built my own website (with Divi)

Note: in this article, I am sharing my enthusiasm for my Wordpress theme Divi and my hosting provider Siteground. I am an affiliate for both of them. This means that I earn a commission if you purchase the theme or the hosting via the links in this post—if you do so,...

My name is Simone

Daily painting changed my life, and I am so passionate about it. That’s why I started this blog. I would love to inspire you to let your creativity flow and start making art – even (or maybe especially) if you have never painted.


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My daily painting

I try to paint every day, and I write about my daily art practice on this blog. Take a look and join me!


Daily Painting: two kinds of white

Dear reader, Today another simple business card. I noticed that the two colors of white are different - which I don't like. The one above is white from the inside of the paper, which is much whiter than the white below. Something to...

Daily Painting: New ideas for exposition

Dear reader, Today I made another small business card collage, and suddenly I got an idea to glue them two by two on a piece of mdf (wood), one on every side, so it an be a stand alone object, and people will be able to turn it around if they want to see the other...

Daily Painting: Using every scrap

Dear reader, Today another businesscard. I hope that after December 1st, I will be less busy and will continue painting on my bigger paintings. Right now, it's just too much.So another business card, still from the same black/white/red collage paper. I feel like...

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