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The Power of Community

The Power of Community When I started painting, I was—more or less—on my own. It was the drive deep down inside me that got me painting, but there were not many people around to support me on my abstract art journey. Very few people even knew that I was painting. I...

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Stop consuming & start creating art

Stop consuming and start creating art!   If you love art and art-making, it can be so easy to keep looking at other people’s art, instead of making art yourself. But at a certain moment, it is time to stop consuming other people’s art, and to start creating your own!...

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The power of art-making within restraints

The power of art-making within restraints   If you have the creative itch, and you would love to start creating, many things may hold you back. You may feel that you don’t have enough of the right materials, enough time, or enough space. But the opposite can also be...

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On this blog, I write about creativity, about personal development through art-making, about tools and materials, and about developing creative habits. Also, I will add tutorials and my own experiences with art-making.

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