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After all the busyness of the official launch of this website, I happily return to my daily painting practice. I now still choose the easiest and quickest option: collage. The messy part is already done (i.e., the painting). I now only need glue, crayons and a bit of black and quin gold.

Today I saw for the first time purple in my color palette. I once made a very rough study, in which I used purple. Now it gets its second life in this collage. I really like the purple, and it goes very well with one of my favorite colors: green turquoise (teal).

Below you find the collage, and also the collage paper. The collage is for sale.



Collage on cardboard

approximately 10 x 15 cm \ 4 x 6 “

Can be mounted on a panel at additional cost.

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