Dear reader,

Today I worked again on the second big painting, and I was pleasantly surprised (is that correct English?). The stage I finished the day before yesterday felt ‘good’, but not ‘great’. Definitely not finished, but I felt that everything I could add would spoil it.

Today I took the jump and started with a large patch of pink. Wooosh! Not easy, but the fun thing is that doing so created a lot of openings. I added white and a bit of yellow, and added also grey to the black shapes. Now I like it a lot more! I think I’m going to let this one sit for a while, and I’m going to start the next one.

I think it’s a good idea to let the whole series of six develop in the same rate. Otherwise you get ‘the problem’ that with the first finished painting, you’re still at point A of your development (because I believe you really develop through making such a series of paintings), and with the last painting, you’re at point F in your development. And that’s a pity, because then the work does not hang together enough.


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