Dear reader,


Since this week I have felt more comfortable with my ‘blobs’, and I appreciate my paintings more. It made it a lot easier to continue working on my fourth painting. I put a next layer with very bright colors on the canvas, mostly with colors straight out of the bottle. Later on, I will add colors with more complexity.

Since this is the fourth painting already, I believe that I’m going to get my paintings finished in time for the exhibition in March. Yay! Until now, I was a bit worried about if I would be able to make it, but the speed I’m making right now gives me hope. 

Bye the way, I only paint for approximately 20 a 30 minutes a day (which is much compared to the long period of collage making that is behind me). Still, it gives me plenty of time to do other work. I don’t take time to dry the layers with a hair dryer, I paint only one layer and let that dry in its own time. 



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