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Daily Painting: Only one color

Dear week,   Last week before our holiday starts. I'm finishing a lot of things - so no big paintings this week. I made a small collage, though, with only one color.

Daily Painting: The healing power of painting

Dear reader,   Today I painted bigger again, on 20/20", 50/50 cm. I worked very quickly and finished it in one sitting. I'm not too attached to the end-result, I'm focusing more on flow and fun right now. After a period of being ill, and feeling sloppy and...

Daily Painting: Back on my painting horse

Dear reader,   After being ill for about 1,5 weeks, I'm back on my painting horse. I made a very quick collage - it's not the most refined I ever made, but at least I'm getting my fingers dirty again ;-)!   Bye,

Daily Painting: Instead of Taxes

Dear reader,   I still have a cold, I have to do my taxes, and I'm very busy otherwise, but anyway: I painted. I will also show the layer before so that you can see the difference. Bye! Simone These are the two layers hitherto: [et_bloom_inline...

Daily Painting: Using plastic cards

Dear reader,   Today the first layer of a new painting on paper (20/20", 50/50 cm, a little bit bigger than the last months). Again, only using three colors (pink, turquoise, and Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold). Plus black and white. I loved the beautiful soft tones...

Daily Painting: Substrate = Newspaper II

Dear reader,   Today I did another experiment with newspaper as a substrate. I really enjoy working like this! It all feels very flimsy and thin, but if I'm going to mount it on panel, it doesn't matter - it makes it even easier, I think. I plan to make a whole series...

Daily Painting: Substrate = Newspaper

Dear reader,   Something new every day! Today I did not even use a 'proper' substrate. I just took a piece of newspaper, cut a square or 6/6" (15/15 cm), and started painting and collaging. SOO nice to do. I don't know if you can see the head of the man on top of the...

Daily Painting: Second second layer

Dear reader,   Today I did a second experiment with layers. I took an old painting, which I did not like that much. I added another layer, by first covering at least half of it up with something else. This time I used a lot of blacks. It is definitely not the final...

Daily Painting: Fourth Layer

Dear reader,   This is the fourth layer of a painting that I started a while ago (everytime I covered about half of it with a new color or a new patch of collage paper). Actually: at this moment I like it! I might leave it like this.   Bye! Ps: Below I post the whole...

Daily Painting: Bulk Paper

Dear reader,   Today another business card. Life is so busy at the moment that I only make small collages. I'm glad anyway that I keep the process going. This time again of scraps of waste paper that I made in bulk one day, on old newspaper. I just smeared leftovers...

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On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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