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Daily Painting: New Format

Dear reader,   Today an experiment on 10 x 10 cm format. Actually the format that I'm going to use as a background for the collages that I'm going to make as a present for the people who buy my course before Friday 30th November!  ...

Daily Painting: Yellow and Red

Dear reader,   I have been SO busy finishing my course. It's live, YAY!!! Many day's I haven't been painting. Now I have to fight my way back to my daily painting routine. Today I started with a small collage. Next week I hope to be back,and painting bigger paintings...

Daily Painting: two kinds of white

Dear reader, Today another simple business card. I noticed that the two colors of white are different - which I don't like. The one above is white from the inside of the paper, which is much whiter than the white below. Something to...

Daily Painting: New ideas for exposition

Dear reader, Today I made another small business card collage, and suddenly I got an idea to glue them two by two on a piece of mdf (wood), one on every side, so it an be a stand alone object, and people will be able to turn it around if they want to see the other...

Daily Painting: Using every scrap

Dear reader, Today another businesscard. I hope that after December 1st, I will be less busy and will continue painting on my bigger paintings. Right now, it's just too much.So another business card, still from the same black/white/red collage paper. I feel like...

Daily Painting: Another one!

Dear reader,   Today, another one in the series of mall business cards. I might use all of them as a bonus example in my online course 'the Joy of Collage Making'.   Bye! Simone

Daily Painting: A little window

Dear reader,   Today another small collage, from the same piece of collage paper that I've been using the last few days. Very quickly made.   bye! Simone

Daily Painting: Just another small composition

Dear reader, Today, just another simple experiment in composition. I can't even call it collage, since there is only one scrap involved, and only a few dots of crayon. Still, it's a wonderful way of being in contact with my creativity on a busy...

Daily Painting: Dots!

Dear reader, Just a very simple composition today, due to lots of other work on my plate. Only one scrap of paper, and DOTS!Bye!

Daily Painting: Weather forecast

Dear reader,   As I said yesterday, I'm cleaning up my workspace. And I meet small scraps everywhere. This was a piece of wastepaper - newspaper that I used under my 'real' painting. I combined it with tissue paper and crayon. Only when I blew up the collage, I saw...

Daily painting


On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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