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Daily Painting: Being in a hurry

Dear reader,   The Christmas holiday is coming, and I want to finish so many things, before I take time off. So today's painting practice was FAR too hurried, which you probably can see in the painting. Never mind...   Bye! Simone   [et_bloom_inline...

Daily Painting: Quick and Dirty

Dear reader,   First I decided not to paint, because of a doctor's appointment, and then I thought: 'Why not?' That's why I painted a very quick and dirty postcard, two colors only. Bye!

Daiy Painting: Using newspaper as substrate

Dear reader,   Today I had a flash of inspiration, and I started to paint on a piece of newspaper (about 30/50 cm). I did it because I want to experiment with how you can place the bar as low as possible for painting. The beautiful thing about newspaper is that it...

Daily Painting: Even more palette knife

Dear reader,   Today I continued working with the palette knife. Big fun again! I also worked with a marker. Usually, I don't like the acrylic paint marker so much. The lines are so straight and don't have much 'aliveness' in it (like for instance crayon or Indian...

Daily Painting: Palette knife again

Dear reader,   Today was one of these days with little time, but I painted anyway in my painting diary. Using the palette knife, which by the way saves a lot of time brush-cleaning!   Bye!  

Daily Painting: An unexpected flower

Dear reader,   Today I used the same colors, and painting again with a palette knife. Fun! A completely unexpected flower motive arose. I like the possibilities for texture that a palette knife offers. Also, I use another piece of paper to blot up paint, which gives...

Daily Painting: working with a palette knife

Dear reader,   When I think of 2018, I hope my painting wil develop in a direction of exploration, trying out new things, taking risks. Today I tried at least one new thing: working with a palette knife. I still had a palette knife from 15 years ago, and I never did...

Daily Painting: Quin Gold in stead of Diaralyde Yellow

Dear reader,   Today I continued working with only two colors, but this time I skipped the Diaralide Yellow and took my all time favourite: Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold (both Golden Fluid Acrylics). The good thing about Quin Gold is that it is transparant. This gives...

Daily Painting: Not always easy to find a detail

Dear reader,   Today another step on the two-color path. Not so inspired today, it was even difficult to find a good detail in it. Which is never a good sign. But: I painted! 😉     Bye, Simone     [et_bloom_inline...

Daily Painting: more mess with two colors

Dear reader,   Working on in my diary, with the same colors. I'm not getting bored yet! Don't like this composition that much, but there are lots of nice details. The good thing about working in a diary is that it is very non-pretentious. Just clod along (can you say...

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On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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