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Daily Painting: Waste Paper

Dear readers,   I'm in a hurry since I have to leave for the dentist in three minutes 😉 I made this small collage in a very short time, just from waste paper on my table. I like it!   Bye!

Daily Painting: Rhythm

Dear reader,   Today another small collage. When I glued the four small stripes on the left, I realized that one of the elements of composition is Rhythm. Certain elements come back and give you a sense of movement. Your eye jumps from one stripe to the other. Same is...

Daily Painting: My Motto

Dear reader,   Today I was faithful to my motto 'Create every day', by painting (or collage-ing) this business card, first thing in the morning, after a late start. From scraps of paper that were lying on my table. Have fun creating yourself! [et_bloom_inline...

Daily Painting: Third Layer

Dear reader,   Today I realized again, what I LOVE about daily painting. Every morning, you get to dive into the unknown, and surprise yourself with what's coming out of it. It's an interesting combination of letting go and do your utmost best. I never articulated...

Daily Painting: Second Layer

Dear readers!   Today I worked on a collage of a few days ago, which was clearly not 'done' yet. I decided to paint half of it over, and make a new collage out of it. I like that process! Maybe I'm continuing it: painting half of it over all the time, and see where it...

Daily Painting: Cross

Dear reader,   Today this small collage came out of nothing. It's a composition in the shape of a cross (this is a Dutchism, I know, but I don't know how to say it in English). This is one of the 'classical' types of composition (like the landscape for instance). I...

Daily Painting: Beauty everywhere

Dear reader,   Today I made this postcard sized collage. Again from a second hand piece of newspaper with some paint on it. Once you start looking, there's beauty everywhere!   Simone

Daily Painting: Three minutes

Dear reader,   Today I have a very busy day, I have to go to the dentist with my daughter and have other appointments out of the house. Still I wanted to 'paint'. I saw a scrap of newspaper with some paint on it, lying on the ground, (it protected my floor against...

Daily painting


On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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