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Daily Painting: Six paintings, day 24

Dear reader, Since this week I have felt more comfortable with my 'blobs', and I appreciate my paintings more. It made it a lot easier to continue working on my fourth painting. I put a next layer with very bright colors on the canvas, mostly with colors straight out...

Daily Painting, Six paintings, day 23

Dear reader,   I started a new painting today, number 4. Only glueing patches of newspaper on it. Fun to do, but artistically not so inspiring. A necessary step in between!   Bye, Simone

Daily Painting: Six Paintings, day 22

Dear reader,   Today, another layer on on of the paintings. Only adding white and a few small blobs. I am in the process of accepting my 'style' at this moment (blobs, blobs, blobs). It's fun to realize that I have this grown up voice in myself that says I should...

Daily Painting, Six paintings, day 21

Dear readers,   Today I worked on another layer of painting 2 in the series of six. Today I had a revelation. I think I silently hope for more 'interesting' compositions to come out of me. More exciting, more asymmetric composition. Especially asymmetric. But...

Daily Painting: Six paintings, day 20

dear reader, Today another day on my big paintings. I was really happy and surprised with what came out of today's painting session. The fun thing was that I started with asking myself what parting of the last layer I liked the most, and proceed from there. Below I'll...

Daily Painting, Six Paintings, day 19

Dear reader, Even though my mind wants to be 'busy' and start my day straight away with 1000 things to organize, I managed to choose to take out my paints and sit down for some painting on the third big painting. Happy I did!I'm surprised that all my paintings end up...

Daily Painting: Six Paintings, day 18

Dear reader,   Today is the third day of December, a new period.  I divide the year in three 'blocks' of about 13/14 workweeks, and for every block I set a specific goal that I want to reach. In the former block (it ended last Friday) I created my beloved online...

Daily Painting: New Square

Dear reader,   Today I'm in the last week of preparing for my online course 'The Joy of Collage Making'. Next week I hope to start with a new project. Also I want to start painting big again (and preparing for an exhibition in the beginning of March). But today,...

Daily Painting: New Format

Dear reader,   Today an experiment on 10 x 10 cm format. Actually the format that I'm going to use as a background for the collages that I'm going to make as a present for the people who buy my course before Friday 30th November!   Bye!

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On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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