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Daily Painting: Six paintings, day 9

Today it's the ninth day of working on six big paintings. This is still the first one. It's getting closer to finishing, Right now I'm finishing the details. That will take a time, so maybe I will start with a new painting tomorrow. To mix finishing details with the...

Daily Painting: Tearing an old painting up

Dear reader,   Today I tore a painting up - for collage paper. This collage paper was more 'rough' than the very detailed collage paper that I sometimes make on purpose. But I like its roughness - it fits the postcard size better.   Bye!   Simone   Ps: I will post the...

Daily Painting: My first bookmark!

Dear reader,   Today I made my first bookmark! I could have been inspired much earlier by my friend Dotty Seiter, she makes heaps of them. She even makes them to match them with certain bookcovers. I believe that's such a splendid idea - why wouldn't your precious...

Daily Painting: Johann Sebastian in my collage

Dear reader,   Today I saw a stack of music paper layer on my stairs - I printed out the score of Bach's Cantate 36. There is a beautiful soprano aria in it, and I wanted to follow it along (I'll post a fantastic recording of this aria below). I printed out the whole...

Daily Painting: A square collage

Dear reader,   I don't work on a square size very often when making collage (when I paint I almost always work on square format). I think because the postcards and the business cards that I use as substrate have this rectangular size. Today I cut a postcard into a...

Daily Painting: Number 11

Dear reader,   I'm writing utterly frustrated, since I have been working two hours trying to get a Mailchimp-flow working. It does NOT! And I don't know why that is so. I'm happy that I have been painting this morning. At least one SANE thing done!   Bye!...

Daily Painting: Dots!

Dear reader,   Today another small collage that probably will make it into my course. Fun to make the graphic dots as a contrast to the more natural shapes of the collage paper. I'm working really hard right now on my course. I now have set a definitive date for the...

Daily Painting: Starting with black

Dear reader,   Today I made another collage for my online course, on business card size again. I started with a layer of black. It's fun how such a dark background inspires new ideas for collage!   Bye! Simone

Daily Painting: A collage from waste paper

Dear reader,   Today I made another small collage on business card size. It's for my online course that launches in October. I was particularly happy with this one. I made it from 'waste paper', the paper that covers my working table, with all kinds of paint stains on...

Daily Painting: and more and more

Dear reader,   Today I made another collage for my course. It's still a lovely process to do, even though I'm right now working hard to get all the video's finished. This one is on postcard size.   Bye! Simone

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On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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