Collage Making


Through Free Expression and Intuitive Composition


– online course –



E-course Collage-making through free expression and intuitive composition.


Making abstract art is one of the most beautiful things you can do. But how do you start? It is easy to get stuck in your head and not get any painting done. Here is where collage-making comes in: a beautiful way to unleash your creativity and start making art!

What is so special about making a collage? Collage combines two aspects of art-making: the free side of pure expression, and the more thoughtful side of composition. When you make your own collage papers, you can go crazy and explore all of your wild creative ideas by painting and making marks on paper. When you start combines your scraps and pieces into a collage, you enter the more conscious zone of intuitive composition. When you combine both free expression and intuitive composition, you will create very personal art.


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