Practicing the Power of Now as a painter

Practicing the Power of Now   You might have read ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. This book is about the importance of quitting the excessive thinking about the past and the future, and realizing that there is only one moment: ‘Now.’ Everything else is a...

My name is Simone

Daily painting changed my life, and I am so passionate about it. That’s why I started this blog. I would love to inspire you to let your creativity flow and start making art – even (or maybe especially) if you have never painted.


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My daily painting

I try to paint every day, and I write about my daily art practice on this blog. Take a look and join me!


Dailiy Painting, day 31 – 33

Dear reader, This week, I painted on painting nr 5 in the series of 6. I painted two or three days, I even forgot ! Not every day. Not posting makes it easier to not paint, but still I paint, and it saves me tons of time. But I like to keep posting about the process....

Six paintings: Day 27 – 30

Dear reader, This week I didn't blog about my painting. I decided not to blog every day. Blogging costs time, and even though it's fun and I like it, and it helps me to document my process, I want to balance it more with other projects. The other thing is that it's...

Daily Painting: Six Paintings, day 26

Dear reader, Today a next layer on the fourth painting. It's interesting: two paintings of mine have turned out quite 'white' - a lot of negative shapes with white around it. Now this new one doesn't have that, until now. It's a funny experience that part of me wants...

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