Video: Collage Making (4)

Dear reader,   A week ago, I made a small collage, on the size of a business card. Today I’ll show you the process. The video is about 6 minutes long. About half of the collage is made of a scrap of collage paper that I made before. I'll show an image below. You can...

My name is Simone

Daily painting changed my life, and I am so passionate about it. That’s why I started this blog. I would love to inspire you to let your creativity flow and start making art – even (or maybe especially) if you have never painted.


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My daily painting

I try to paint every day, and I write about my daily art practice on this blog. Take a look and join me!


Daily Painting, Six Paintings, day 19

Dear reader, Even though my mind wants to be 'busy' and start my day straight away with 1000 things to organize, I managed to choose to take out my paints and sit down for some painting on the third big painting. Happy I did!I'm surprised that all my paintings end up...

Daily Painting: Six Paintings, day 18

Dear reader,   Today is the third day of December, a new period.  I divide the year in three 'blocks' of about 13/14 workweeks, and for every block I set a specific goal that I want to reach. In the former block (it ended last Friday) I created my beloved online...

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