Dear reader,

This week I didn’t blog about my painting. I decided not to blog every day. Blogging costs time, and even though it’s fun and I like it, and it helps me to document my process, I want to balance it more with other projects. The other thing is that it’s easier to see the progress over a week. Let’s give it a try this week. I don’t want it to be a slippery slope, since I think that documenting my process is very important and interesting.

This week I painted four days in a row. I realised how little time it actually costs. I usually paint only a session of 25 minutes. Of course preparing and cleaning up costs time, but right now I’m so used to it, that I can do it really quickly.

I started a whole new painting, number 5 in the series. Here you can see my progress.

thanks for following, see you next week!

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