Have you always wanted to make art?

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Deep down, you know deep down that you need to create, to paint, to make art!

But there are so many reasons why you don’t:

  • you don’t find the time,
  • you don’t know how to start,
  • and maybe most important: the voice in your head doesn’t shut up!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

There is a way of getting in touch with your innate creativity.

Make your art, it’s not difficult! You’ll find lots of inspiration through my three online courses:

Through these courses you can:

  • discover a very easy and joyful way of making abstract intuitive art,
  • get out of your head and into the Now through painting,
  • find out how making art can heal and change your life. 

Do you want to find out? Then check out my online courses!

They come with a 30-days money-back guarantee, so you can try them out first without taking any financial risk.

I have painted for many years and tried abstracting my work to do non objective art but I just found it so hard to jump off into that abyss.

Simone`s techniques made it so easy and fun.

I love her enthusiasm and her real efforts to help you understand exactly why she is doing something.

It is a very intensive and detailed program so it does take time to go through it but well worth the effort.

After studying painting for twenty years I had lost my joy of “painting like a child”.

The course has opened up a whole new understanding and allowed me to love painting again!

Sue Gunther




In this course, you’ll learn how collage making from your hand painted collage paper is a wonderful way to kickstart your abstract intuitive painting adventure.

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This course is all about how making art can be a joyful and free process, without thinking or planning. It can become a meditative practice that  helps you to relax in the moment, and let the painting unfold, all by itself.

Learn more about the course HERE.


This course is all about the healing power of art-making. If life feels difficult, making art helps you to find new strength and direction.

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For several years I have dreamed about painting – or more exactly – to make pictures in an unpretentious manner. Without a lot of theory and lessons how to do it «right». Simones videos about collage making is just «IT»; very inspiring and easily explained how to make art in an intuitive, creative, effortless and playful way. This is so exciting! 🙂.




































My name is Simone Nijboer


I’m a Dutch artist.

Before I turned into a full-time artist, I’ve also been a life coach in private practice for about two decades. I’ve always loved my coaching work. I’m deeply interested in personal growth and spiritual deepening, and in my experience, these are inseparable from unleashing your creativity and making art.


A joyful and fulfilling life

Being an artist, I know how fundamental creativity is for living a joyful and fulfilling life. And being a coach, I know how important it is to create from a still and deep place inside of yourself.

The beautiful thing about making art is that it helps you to foster your creativity and at the same time your personal growth and spiritual deepening:

  • Creativity: Making art helps you to express yourself, become playful, find back your inner child, lets you explore all the creative possibilities that you thought impossible.
  • Spiritual deepening: it helps you to become still, get out of your head and into your body, experience that you’re one with the fundamental life force that’s underneath everything. It invites stillness and depth in your life, from where wisdom, truth, and power can emerge.
  • Personal growth: it makes you resilient and strong. It helps you to find the inner power and trust that you need if you want to make fundamental changes in your life.



How I started art-making

My personal art journey is long and winded. For many years, I wanted to paint but did not dare to start. When I had gathered enough courage, I started painting, but dropped it again quite soon, since I had lots of insecurities, doubts, and unhelpful thoughts around painting.

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Collage making: such a fun process!

Collage making: such a fun process!

Dear reader! I've been busy making collages from my own hand painted collage paper lately, and I would love to share my process. It's so much fun, and so easy! First: The collage paper The first thing that I did was making the collage paper. In this phase, I just do...

No time to paint?

No time to paint?

No time to paint? Discover how you can start a creative practice and improve your mood and well-being today!

Sitting on a box of gold – painting as spiritual practice

Sitting on a box of gold – painting as spiritual practice

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