My name is Simone

Daily painting changed my life, and I am so passionate about it. That’s why I started this blog. I would love to inspire you to let your creativity flow and start making art – even (or maybe especially) if you have never painted.


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My daily painting

I try to paint every day, and I write about my daily art practice on this blog. Take a look and join me!


Daily Painting: In my daily planner

Dear readers,   Today I painted again. Yay!!! I'm using a planner nowadays (one that I developed myself, and comes with my book 'De Dromer Die Doet'). There are a lot of empty pages in it, since it's a large planner, and luckily I'm not working all the time ;-)....

Daily Painting: Start up difficulties

Dear readers,   I find it very hard to restart my daily painting habit after writing my book last year. Getting in the groove is very difficult for me. Today I tried painting on business card size. Who knows that will help! It was fun anyway!   Bye, Simone...

Daily Painting: After three months of writing

Dear reader,   After maybe three or more months of intensive writing (and finishing!) my book I'm back again to (hopefully daily) painting! A bit strangely though - I haven't touched any paint for weeks and weeks! Didn't like the first result that much: I started...

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