11 maart 2016


Dear readers,


Today I started from scratch, with no idea what to do, ready for something new. Or at least a little bit new.

Again though on 20/20 cm, I chose the colours Indian Yellow Hue, Naphtol Red Medium and Azurite blue. And a big splash of black paint…

I really like to start with nothing in mind, doing what is coming up at the moment. This is not always happening. Sometimes lots of thoughts come up. But sometimes they don’t.


with love, have a nice day!



  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Dotty,
    Isn’t it nice that we slowly start to know from first-hand experience what this is: creating from no-mind, nothing in mind?
    I wonder where that is going to lead us!

  2. Dorothy Seiter

    Simone, I like the layers, and especially where you scratched circles in the center to reveal lower layers. I also appreciated your discussion of starting with nothing in mind and doing whatever comes up at the moment. That is what I am exploring in my own art for the first time. I was just reflecting in the past day or two about a conversation I had with an artist sometime last year who said pretty much the same thing you say above, and I realize now I really didn’t even know what he was talking about. It was so far from my own experience at the time that I could barely even begin to imagine what he meant.


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