11 oktober 2016


Dear readers,


Today working further on the big painting of yesterday. Things are getting messier and I am getting more and more clueless. I guess I will get more clear some day 😉

It might be so that the fact that I am sort of in a ‘hurry’ stops me being completely in the moment and expecting nothing. Hmmmm. Going to sit on this for a while…






  1. Simone Nijboer

    That is a good sign, I think! Even now, in those hurried days, when there is so much ‘painting work’ to do, it is good to feel that we are not doing it because ‘the teacher is telling us to’ but still because we simply LOVE it.

    Sounds wonderful that you have to hike up 12 mile uphill for Wifi!
    I will not have Wifi in Brittany (France), so I will really not on the air anymore.

    have fun!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Just hiked 1/2 mile uphill from my cabin to grab a few minutes of wifi access! LOVE this painting!

    I painted a tiny bit this morning but that’s the only painting I have done since last Thu. Not sure how much or if I’ll get to paint before I return home. I was thinking I would like and perhaps benefit from a days off but I REALLY MISS painting!


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