15 mei 2017


Dear readers,


Today I painted not as relaxed as yesterday. Maybe because yesterday it felt like painting the underlyer: Nothing to loose yet. Now the painting is progressing, and what will I do next?

Just before the end of this painting session I decided to paint a part of the painting in one color (light teal), and that felt good. There is in the beginning sometimes so much going on on the surface that it is just too much. To lessen the complexity gives the eye  a bit of rest too! It reminds me that I sometimes like the details of the painting better than the whole painting itself. I think it is because I leave the bigger composition of the painting still so ‘busy’. Maybe I am going to experiment the upcoming paintings to experiment with this. To make bigger shapes, keep larger areas ‘quiet’.

This is very much work in progress. To give myself a bit of space I started two other canvases, also 50/50 cm (20/20″).


Bye! I hope you have a good painting day!




ps: Below you find a picture of my workspace right now.


  1. Simone Nijboer

    Hi Dotty,

    Thanks, as always, for your support!

    Yes, I found out about the date today, too. I get confused, because my apple computer sometimes gives the exact date of today on the calender, and sometimes a ‘general date’ (for some reason that is 17 july). I have been confused by it more than once.
    It is indeed nice to have two other paintings on the side. Makes it easier to switch when I get stuck. Gives the painting some ‘breathing space’. It is not an only child, but has more than one sibling!

    The brand of paint is: Amsterdam (of Talens). Do you have that brand in the States? I like it because of its price-quality-comparison (is that a word?)


    • Dotty Seiter

      Thanks for the paint information. It looks like Amsterdam Talens paints are available here in the States but it might be harder to find the range of products, for example larger sizes. I’ll have to keep poking around. Could you photograph one jar of paint (at your leisure!) and send it to me so I can see all the product information? No hurry : ) Thanks.

      • Simone Nijboer

        Hi Dotty,
        I googled on Amsterdam Talens Standard series (it is not the expert line). This is the link: https://www.royaltalens.com/brands/amsterdam/artists%E2%80%99-colours/standard-series/
        Maybe that makes more sense for you than photographs. Let me hear if that’s not the case.

        It is just a ‘normal’ brand though, nothing special. It is the best I have found until now. But I can imagine that there are lots of other brands in the US, maybe even more and better ones.

        bye, let me hear how your quest continues!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    1. It’s only the 15th today, not the 17th!
    2. LOVE the big soft blocks of quiet light teal. Very effective—restful while still compelling because they have little stories of their own, with earlier layers hinted at, and little windows to earlier layers.
    3. Today’s painting looks especially interesting with the other two starts on either side of it.
    4. Love that you’re working on three canvases simultaneously.
    5. Love the bright colors.
    6. What brand and colors are your jars of paint? I need some jars of that size, I think.
    7. Always love seeing your studio space.


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