18 januari 2016

Jan 18, 2016 | Kunst

Lieve mensen,


Vandaag weer iets ‘groters’!

Na al het gepriegel op de vierkante centimeter (de hele afgelopen week op 10/10 centimeter gewerkt) vandaag op een doek van 60/60 centimeter. Een oud doek wel te verstaan, en gewoon overgeschilderd.

Ik zie dan al die cirkels en denk: is dat niet veel te kinderachtig?

Maar ik laat ze maar gewoon staan 😉


Ik wens jullie allemaal een heel fijne dag!


Dear readers,



Today something ‘bigger’!

After all the work on the square centimeter (last week I only painted at 10/10 centimeters – 4 inch) today a painting of 60/60 centimeters (24 inch). An old one: I just painted it over.

I see all these circles and think: Isn’t that too childish?

But I will just let them 😉

I wish you all a lovely day!


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  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I can link to comments in the Dutch page but there is no link available at the English page, so here I am on this page to comment! I will NOT be kept away! I like colors and composition here. What brand crayons do you use? They seem brighter and much less subtle than the ones I have. Your circles are very appealing to me, both as shapes in themselves and in your rendering of them. All your line work captivates me because it feels so spontaneous, free, and lacking in self-consciousness, which is to say because it has those childlike qualities.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Thanks Dotty!

      The brand crayons that I use is Caran d’Ache Neocolor II. I had this box of 15 crayons. I guess they have them in hundreds of colours, maybe you just had other ones?

      Oh: and I know something that I did. I used the hairdryer to make the paint dry, and it appeared that when the wax and the paper are warm, the colours come out much more smooth and thick. I guess that is the difference!

      Yes, I think you are right about the childlike qualities. Maybe that’s why painting is so much fun 😉

      Thank again!


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