19 januari 2016


Lieve lezers,


Vandaag weer op een groter stuk papier. Wederom achterop een rol behangpapier: wat geeft dat een vrijheid om eindeloos te experimenteren zonder dat je bij elk exemplaar denkt: weer twee euro ‘down the drain’. Aan te raden.

Vandaag heb ik de tubes nieuwe en schreeuwend dure ‘professionele’ verf uitgepakt die ik moest aanschaffen voor mijn eerste schildercursus ooit (start binnenkort). Maar enorm leuk om opeens de beschikking te hebben over allerlei kleuren die ik voorheen nog nooit had gehad: magenta bijvoorbeeld.

Wat het leuke is van het schilderen vandaag is dat ik de vrijheid heb genomen om in totale vrijheid te schilderen, zonder na te denken over compositie en dergelijke.


heb een fijne dag!



Dear readers,


Today I worked again on a larger piece of paper (50/70 cm). Again on the back of a roll of wallpaper: what  a freedom to experiment endlessly without thinking with every painting: another two euros down the drain. Very much recommended.

Today I unpacked the new tubes and screaming expensive ‘professional’ paint  which I had to purchase for my first painting class ever (it starts within a few weeks). But tremendous fun to suddenly have access to all kinds of colors. For exemple: I never had magenta.

The fun of painting today is that I have taken the liberty to paint in total freedom, without thinking about composition and the like.

have a nice day!



  1. Sheila Delgado

    Love the energy and joy in this piece :) Love the colors, the scribbles, the repeating elements and the apparent lack of planning. Freedom looks good!!

  2. Martine Paquet

    Your explorations are a great treat each day!
    Such fun to look at ! I can feel the pleasure you have in painting with your beautiful colors and marks, and the freedom !

  3. Dorothy Seiter

    Simone, I figured out a way to get to this space so I can make a comment. When the kunst link takes me to your blog, I see “comments” and cannot link, but if I add to the URL the title of the post, which I know to be the date, with certain punctuation, i.e. today it was /19-januari-2016, I get to the “reacties” link. Yay!

    Here is what I have loved from the start about your art: its strong ability to convey the freedom with which you paint. It is so compelling and such an invitation to me in my own life. I could feel that unrestricted energy strongly in the painting you’ve posted.

    In today’s piece the section that drew me in the most was the softness of the turquoises, blacks, whites at the bottom over towards the right.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Thanks so much Dotty!

      Thank you also for your reactions about how this blog is not working yet perfectly. Somebody who wants to react should not have to jump through holes like you did!

      I hope to be able to get things working more smoothly soon.

      I think the new paint helps to get that quality on the bottom end. I bought Golden liquids, I just drop them on the paint and they easily blend in. And I also mix the on my palet, and since they are liquid it seems to be more easy. (This sounds like a real advertisement for Golden!)

      I also think (now you mentioned it) that the bottom end might be more interesting since I work with the painting flat on the table (and I just don’t have so much ‘armlength’ to get easily to the upper part). I guess working on an easel is the next step, but maybe that has drawbacks too.
      And: I simply don’t have space in my working room for that. At least that’s what I think now!

      Thanks for your support again, and I hope to be able to work out the blog-thing soon.

      with love,


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