2 februari 2016


Lieve mensen,


Vandaag heb ik een oud schilderij overgeschilderd. Ik was er niet gelukkig mee, en waarom dan niet weg ermee? Opnieuw wit eroverheen. Nieuwe ronden, nieuwe kansen.

Hoe groter het formaat (ditmaal 70/90 cm), hoe moeilijker het is om iets ‘af’ te maken. Zie dit dus als een tussenstadium.


Hieronder laat ik ‘voor’ en ‘na’ zien.




Dear readers,


Today I painted over an old painting. I was not happy with it, so why not just paint it over? There are always new possibilities…

The larger the size (this time 70/90 cm, 28/36 inch), the harder it is to finish something. So: this painting is in an intermediate stage.


Below you see ‘for’ and ‘after’.


thanks for visiting!



  1. Sheila Delgado

    I love it at this stage. The white space with texture and hints of what is below, and the way the color and forms wrap around the emptiness. Feels like a coming together.

  2. Dorothy Seiter

    I am fascinated by the process and by the changes. Always love to see when someone has painted over; sometimes I forget that I can or might wish to do that.

    I like today’s piece just as it is now!

    The obvious evidence of layers is very appealing, which is another good reminder to me since I often find it hard to cover up something—forgetting that “closing a door can open a window” and I might like the new better than the old, and I can’t create appealing layers, without painting over SOMETHING to create layers!

    This piece makes me feel like I’m standing at the edge of the sea watching gentle waves come in and then recede, come in and then recede, sometimes covering one thing, sometimes another.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Dear Dotty,

      I always love your poetic annotiations. Make me look at my paintings in another way!

      Yes, painting over is freeing actually. But on the other hand, the fact that there are already colours on the page do not give you the opportunity to start from scratch. I think both things can be worthwile.

      But: painting over is simply cheaper, and saves you storing place, that I don’t have much.

      I am going to have a peek in your site!


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