20 januari 2016

Jan 20, 2016 | Kunst

Lieve lezers,


Vandaag gewoon weer door op het pad van 50/70 centimeter. Het leuke van dit formaat is dat ik het nog net kan behappen op mijn bureau (is 70 centimeter diep). En mijn rol behang is 50 cm breed ;-).

Wil ik groter werken dan moet het op canvas. Ook leuk, maar het is leuk om eerst flink veel ‘kilometers’ te maken (oftewel vierkante decimeters) op behang.

Het is grappig: als ik naar mijn schilderij van vandaag kijk, dan lijkt die van gisteren opeens zo lang geleden.


lieve groet!



Dear readers,

Today I  painted again on 50/70 centimeters. The nice thing about this format is that I can still  paint on my desk (70 centimeters deep). And my role of wallpaper is 50 cm wide;-).

If I want to work bigger, it should be on canvas. Also nice, but it’s good to first make quite a lot of ‘kilometers’ (or square decimeters) on wallpaper.

It’s funny: when I look at my painting of today, it seems that the painting of yesterday is already so long ago.

with love!


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  1. Sheila Delgado

    I love the colors melting together. This is so engaging, I find myself going back to it again and again.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Thank you Sheila!

  2. Simone Nijboer

    Dear Dotty!

    Thanks, I hope this website-thing will soon be clear and done.
    Yes, and I agree very much that painting is something that only happens in the now. And the more I lose myself in the colours and lines, and don’t THINK about colours, compositions etcetera, the more fun it is!

    And I smiled about your description (the stage). First I was thinking that you really were working on a stage;-) (that will be my bad understanding of the English). But it is nice when a painting evokes this feeling of excitement and expectation!

    with love,

  3. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, thanks for your email of yesterday. I now have access to and easy mobility within your website. I go to your homepage, click on kunst which takes me to a page that shows up with the word “comments,” click on the title there which takes me to the page where I can click on the word “reacties” and type in my comments : )

    I smiled at your saying: “It’s funny: when I look at my painting of today, it seems that the painting of yesterday is already so long ago.” One of the things I love about painting is that you can only be in the painting you are in. Painting is a NOW engagement.

    This painting took me to a stage. I am backstage working on lighting, props, curtain pulleys, wiring, and stage markings. I can hear the muffled murmur of an audience filling the seats out beyond the curtains. In moments, the show will begin! Take your places!


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