21 maart 2017


Dear readers,


Today I worked again in my artjournal. Just trying out again, playing with colours. Not product-oriented (which resulted in quite a ‘loud’ artjournal-page today, but anyway ;-)’


Today I have been thinking about something, when I was writing a blogpost (in Dutch, by the way) about what creativity or art means in the rest of my/your life. I am having a coachingpractice, mainly for people that have small and very personal businesses. And how has the fact that I have started painting again influences the other part of my live and work?

Obviously it has changed my ‘personal’ live. I am a much happier person, more ‘alive’, more content, because of the creative flow that I have in my life. Even throwing some colours on paper, without much pretense (? is that a word?) is an enjoyable and inspiring activity that carries me through the day. (Sounds dramatic, but you know what I mean).

But does it affect my business too? I find: yes. In my case it has convinced me that especially if you work for yourself you need to build this creative muscle, to follow through on an important desire. I think my artmaking will influence the course that my work is taking with small entrepreneurs. Still pondering about it, and I will keep you posted.







  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks! Indeed: the journals gets messier and curlier and more ‘mine’! (And more itself !)

  2. Dotty Seiter

    I love how today’s painting curls up the bottom right hand corner, inviting you into tomorrow! Your art journal is so full of life!

    I appreciate your pondering the interplay of creativity/painting/art and other facets of your life. I look forward to ongoing thoughts you might have.


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