25 januari 2016

Jan 25, 2016 | Kunst

Lieve mensen,


Ik heb de afgelopen dagen erg veel nagedacht over de kracht van het dagelijks creëren. Hoe waardevol het is.

Vandaag is zo’n dag dat ik misschien niet aan het schilderen zou zijn gegaan, als ik niet een ritme zou hebben.

Jane Davies (zoals jullie inmiddels wel weten een van mijn inspiratiebronnen) zegt ergens: elke dag dat ik mijn studio inga en een paar ‘marks’, een paar krassen bij wijze van spreken, op papier zet, dan is mijn werkdag geslaagd.

Dit waren mijn ‘krassen’ voor vandaag!


lieve groet, en succes met krassen, op wat voor manier dan ook!


Dear readers,

I have thought  the past few days a lot about the power of creating regularly. How valuable it is.

Today is such a day I might not have painted if I did not have a rhythm.

Jane Davies (as you already know one of my inspirators) says somewhere: Every day that I enter my studio and put  some marks on a piece of paper, then it counts as a good studio-day.

Then these were my ‘marks’ for today!

with love, and I hope you enjoy putting some marks on paper too!


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  1. Simone Nijboer

    And for me that is encouraging too!
    For me today was a ‘mess’-day too. Painting over a lot with black to save my painting from completely messing it (or doing the opposite?)
    I guess it is partly because I don’t give myself ‘parameters’ these days. I just put paint (a.o. using the new paints that I bought for JD’s course, and that I don’t know so well yet), and let the composition unfold by itself. So more risk on messing it up, I guess.
    So: tomorrow we have new chances again!


  2. Dorothy Seiter

    Hi Simone, welcome back after the weekend! I like today’s light bright soft colors. The yellow in particular. It has taken me back to a dress I sewed for myself in high school, a happy memory! Your mention of Jane Davies’s comment that every day in which one puts some marks on a piece of paper counts as a good studio day is timely for me—and ironic. I worked on a JD assignment yesterday from my downloaded course and got myself into kind of a mess with it. In fact, at one point I sat back and laughed, thinking, “Jane would never get fussy like this!” That snapped me out of some momentary discouragement and brought me back to a place of play. I played with ideas and techniques, had some fun, scraped a knee and a elbow, but altogether, a good playground day. Your post provides further affirmation and encouragement.


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