26 januari 2016


Lieve mensen,


Wederom geschilderd op 50/70 centimeter. Wat een hoop kleuren komen er voorbij! Regelmatig schiet er door mijn hoofd: is dit niet veeeeel te kinderachtig?

Maar: zoveel plezier in het schilderen, dat kan niet fout zijn!

een fijne dag!



Dear readers,


Today I painted again on 50/70 cm. A lot of colours these days! While painting I sometimes thought: isn’t this way too childish?

But then again: so much fun while painting: that can’t be wrong!


have a nice day and thanks for visiting!



    • Simone Nijboer

      Thanks Sheila, Corinna and Martine!

  1. Corinna

    I love how playful and fun this one is! Little surprises all around

  2. Martine Paquet

    Another happy painting, Simone!
    I can feel the fun you had while painting it!

  3. Dotty Seiter

    So much joy and playfulness here, such light shining out from the heart. Hopscotch, and jumping rope, and roller skating on a sidewalk, and bouncing-a-ball-against-a-wall. The spring colors are captivating and welcome! Love the new blue doodle shapes in the upper right hand corner!

    • Simone Nijboer

      Yes! Thanks, Dotty!

      I had indeed a lot of fun, and my well known serious self just stepped aside a little bit 😉

  4. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Terri!

  5. Terri Einer

    I totally agree! Too fun! Love the colors and joy of it!


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