26 oktober 2016


Dear readers,


Today I started with the new assignment of Jane Davies: combine working monochrome (using mostly one colour) with using contrast between busy and quiet.


A really nice assignment for me since I have ‘difficulty’ using busy and quiet contrast, and I like working monochrome.


It might give me ideas and help with going further on my big paintings (see tomorrow!)



Here they are, I made four at the same time, working fast (that’s the idea of Jane Davies course: not going for masterpieces but going for quantity, creating flow and ease).


I like the first one the best, it looks the most ‘finished’ to me. The last one was just for fun: finishing the paint on my palette and using fingertips and whole hand as paintbrush.


Thank you for visiting!



  1. Simone Nijboer

    I always laugh when you use the word ‘molasses’. I don’t know what it means but it sounds like some really slimy, muddy, thing.
    Yes, I also like working very quickly (sometimes feeling a bit guilty for going too quickly and taking the shortcut), but it is the only way to keep momentum in this course, otherwise you just drown in the quantity of the work.

    I wish you luck with the exercises, and I’m back in town, so I will follow all the upcoming developments with eagerness!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, these pieces are great fun, each one in a different way yet all in a family together.

    I am grateful for your already having four pieces to inspire me along with your blog writing. Thanks for the much-needed reminder to
    work fast, not going for masterpieces but going for quantity, creating flow and ease. I think I skied right off the trail with the last lesson, got very bogged down, and slow as molasses, trying to have pieces that were ‘finished’ to some degree, and COMPLETELY losing flow and ease!


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