8 maart 2017


Dear readers,


Yesterday I had a really bad fall of my bicycle. I broke my cheekbone, they took me to the hospital, but luckily nothing serious happened. So now I’m home with a big headache. First I thought I am not going to do my daily art practice. But after that I missed it so I did something really simple in black and white, tissue paper, Indian ink, black and white marker, black acrylic paint.

So nice to realize again one can just take 20 minutes and paint! It was good for me also to be back to painting again, instead of being busy, hanging pictures in the gallery, thinking about pricing etc. Back to basics. Painting!

I also feel like I want to take time after all this exhibition-stuff to go back to the fundamentals of making art, in the sense of starting rom scratch again, from colours, lines, collage. Letting fresh inspiration in, instead of painting with the intention of making finished paintings. Just trying things out, experimenting, giving myself the freedom that is so wonderful in abstract painting.


Doing all the tasks for the exhibition was very exhausting: I worked on it all weekend and monday. Never had expected that having an exhibition would be so much work!. Glad that is finished. Now Sunday the opening!

Have been thinking a lot about creativity and art. Now too tired and too much headache to elaborate on that. But I think making art (or making marks, expressing yourself via colours, shapes, whatever – if one is intimidated by the word ‘art’) has so much to do with ‘being in the now’, accepting everything that happens as a starting point for the next step, trusting yourself, etcetera, etcetera. More on that later.







  1. Dotty Seiter

    Hey Simone, thanks for all of the above—everything you wrote touched me in one way or another. I plan to write at length in response tomorrow or Saturday. Till then, bye!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, oh no! So sorry to hear about your fall, broken cheek bone (ouch), and headache. So glad you painted today anyway—I’m sure you instantly sped up your healing. The daily practice of painting/creating is such a gift.

    When your opening has passed, and the dust has settled, I’ll be eager to hear more of your thoughts about how the past few months of ‘exhibition-stuff’ impacted you in your studio and how it influences you now to go back to the fundamentals.

    Also, I am very eager to hear more of your thoughts about creativity and art—the being in the now, accepting everything that happens as a starting point for the next step, and trusting yourself; just that little bit you wrote resonates with and nourishes me. First thing this morning I took a walk with a friend who doesn’t ‘get’ abstract art, and may not ‘get’ any of what you enumerate above, and our conversation about my art felt so dry and empty : (

    • Simone Nijboer

      Hi Dotty, thanks for your reaction! I am already feeling much better, but I decided not to work this week to give myself time for recovery. After all it does not have so many consequences I think – I am lucky.
      I wrote more about art and creativity today (9 march). And I will think more again about how the exhibition influenced me and my painting. I think it was/is very worthwhile that I am doing the exhibition right now. It is a good thing for me to go outside and show my work. But I feel that after all that going ouside it is good to go inside. I am going to reflect more on that!
      Another thing about that: I love instagram, but what might happen is that ‘beautiful pictures’ are more popular on it then ‘process-oriented pictures’. You understand what I mean. It is seducive to stay in the ‘beautiful pictues’-mode. Since everybody likes it, I like it too, and there is nothing wrong with it really. But still I feel I want to dig deeper.


      ps: I understand very much the ’emptiness’ and dryness’ that you felt. I guess that’s part of the deal of (abstract, process-oriented) art-making, and that’s why it is so important to find kindred spirits… 😉


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