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Making art is very rewarding and joyful. Painting gives you that wonderful feeling of living in the moment, creating beauty, expressing yourself, living life to the fullest.

But maybe you keep finding yourself postponing, self-doubting, struggling, and criticizing yourself again and again. Suddenly painting isn’t that fun anymore, and you might even stop painting altogether.

That’s such a pity! Because painting is one of the most inspiring and even healing things you can imagine!


I’m here to help you


If you need:

  • a buddy who cheers you on, 
  • a fellow artist who helps you see your work with new eyes, 
  • a coach who can steer you through fear, worry, doubt, and paralysis, and 
  • a friend who will keep you accountable if you keep on postponing,

I’d love to be on your side!




Three months of intensive painting

Together we take a period of three monts (that’s thirteen weeks) of intensive art making. In that period, we’ll have in total 10 weekly exchanges, so there’s time for vacations and other important things.

By painting week after week, you’ll get into a creative rhythm. After three months, you’ve made a lot of paintings and your creativity is flowering.

Every week you paint at least 5 times. Long or short, that doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you keep your creative process up and running.

At the end of the week, you upload your work and your experiences to my coaching platform. I’ll respond, both on the artistic level and at the personal level. For instance:

On the artistic level

  • Technical questions and/or problems with art materials
  • The use of the six visual elements marks & lines, color, value, shapes and images, texture, and depth
  • Composition


On the personal level

  • Finding a creative rhythm, so your inner artist can flourish,
  • Working on self-doubt, fear, worry, and paralysis
  • Other personal issues that you might encounter while making art


Between our weekly back-and-forth via the platform, you can always send me an email, for support in between, if needed.


Art coaching is for you if:

  • You want to paint, but never seem to find the time
  • You’re in a creative no-man’s-land, and you want to get out of it again,
  • You feel stuck, inspired, or blocked in your creativity
  • You love painting, but you’ve lost the joy in the process because you’re inner critic is too active
  • You love to get artistic feedback on the visual elements of your paintings or collages – for instance about marks & lines, color, value, shapes & images, texture, and depth.
  • You would like to discuss the composition of your paintings or collages.
  • You want to get in the flow of painting and enjoy the process!

Requirements for this coaching program:

  • The willingness to paint for ten weeks in a time span of three months, about at least five times a week.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced painter, or if you have never painted before.


Does this speak to your heart? Then apply for the 3-month coaching intensive


If you feel like this is what you and your inner artist need at this moment, send me an email, and tell me about yourself.


  • What’s your painting history and experience?
  • What kinds of difficulties have you bumped into?
  • Do you want to put in the required time and effort – painting for at least ten weeks, five days a week within a three-month timeframe?
  • What do you hope to gain from this coaching intensive?
  • Do you want to share more that is important to you?


After I’ve read your application, I’ll respond, and if we both feel good about it, the coaching intensive starts. Only then you’ll start paying.


My name is Simone Nijboer


I’m an artist, and I live in the Netherlands. I’ve always loved abstract art, especially the kind of art that breathes a spirit of freedom and fearless expression.

When I started painting, I knew one thing for sure: I wanted to paint in this free, liberating, and intuitive way. From that moment on, I’ve experimented a lot. I was always focussing in the first place on the joy of the process instead of on the outcome of the paintings.

Of course, I didn’t always manage to paint that way. Often I got stuck, harassed by my inner critic, doubting and second-guessing how to proceed in the middle of an ‘ugly’ painting.

But I realized that in the moments I could paint from this free and liberating place, I felt wonderful. I completely got lost in time and became one with my paintbrushes and painting.

These moments ‘in the Now’ lifted me up and helped me to develop the same attitude for the rest of my life. And when I felt stuck in my life, often painting helped me to get in the flow again. It brought me back to an attitude of trust, in myself and for the rest of my life.

With my art coaching, I would love to give you a taste of how you can learn to experiment, play, and not worry about the outcome. 

By painting every week and almost every day, you create a body of work that you can be proud of. You establish a firm creative routine that you can count on. It enables you to make art in a sustainable, productive, and joyful way. 



If you want to get into the flow of painting, apply now!




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