Black & White – Daily Painting 25 augustus 2017


Dear reader,


For my daily painting process I wanted at first paint in only three colours (plus black and white), but after I put on the first layer of black paint and black marker, I liked it so much that I just let it like that. And made three more.








  1. Simone Nijboer

    dear Dotty! So nice to have you back on the blog! You are right – indeed, I make plans (for limiting myself) and the next moment I have already forgotten about it…


  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I’m laughing in delight because, as I responded to your post from the day before this one, I almost asked if you find it hard to stick with a set of limits for a whole bunch of paintings. My reason for having that question is that almost every time I set limits I quickly get pulled in some new direction!

    Love these b&w’s!


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