daily painting: How to start making art?


Dear reader,


I have long been thinking about what I should offer new followers of my blog. Thanks to Dotty Seiter I was able to nail down exactly what I wanted: an incentive to start art making Right Now. Not postpone it until you have the perfect supplies, lots of time, a good workspace. No, you can start anytime, even within 5 minutes.

I have been working a lot lately on making collages, and I found out it is an extremely easy way to enjoy colors, shapes, composition. You can add linework easily with a fineliner or a marker, or Indian Ink, if you happen to have it. In five minutes you can come a long way.

So right now I’m working on this free offer for my future blog followers. I’ll show just one of the collages that I made today, in five minutes. I used a piece of cardboard, black paint, white paper and a fineliner. And: a piece of ribbon.


Bye, have a lovely and creative day!




Ps: if you would like to receive this incentive to start painting, please subscribe to my newsletter. When it is finished, I will let you know.


  1. Simone Nijboer

    You’re welcome! I am going to take a look at it right now!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, look what you created in five minutes! I wonder what *I* will do in five minutes today, or more. Either way, I’ll START, and then see where I land. Either way, I will be nourished.

    Thanks for the nod to my blog : )


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