Daily Painting: The second half

Sep 22, 2021 | Daily painting

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  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, today’s post feels like it’s showing up in a different format from usual. It has a title and image (detail?), but no writing from you, and no second image to show the whole painting if in fact the image that IS here is only a detail. Also, the comment box and the whole comment section appears to be at less than 100% scale.

    Regardless, I am drawn to the upper right hand corner of your painting—its neutrality, the hint of white stripe running through it, the two dots, the thin line of black ink.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Hmmm, I guess something went wrong. Going to look at it next week… I’ve been working on my website, so I guess I did something ‘stupid’ ;-)!



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