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Daily Painting: Another page

Dear reader, Today I've been working in my artist diary again. Wonderful to do. I'm glad I work on this bigger format again. Love playing with the colors and the crayons! Bye!

Daily Painting: Another entry in my diary

Dear reader, I'm continuing my artist diary with great pleasure. I can work as fast in this diary as I used to work on my postcards, I just use bigger brushes and more paint, and that's it. Not that working fast is an end in itself, but it gives me the possibility to...

Daily Painting: I love my artist diary!

Dear reader, Today, I worked again in my artist diary. It's so much fun. It's quite big (I think about A3, maybe a little bit smaller). The fact that it's 'one thing' and not just some loose pieces of papers makes it feel more coherent. I like going through the pages...

Daily Painting: Artist diary rules!

Dear reader,   The second day in my artist diary. Yes! I loved it. At first I thought it wouldn't work out at all, since the pages already were glued to the spiral on the back. But I managed to scrape away the paint, and hopefully the spiral will stay clean from...

Daily Painting: Artist Diary

Dear reader, Today I got into the flow again. By accident I ran into an old sketchbook of my daughter, that she gave me. Still half empty. It's A3 - format, so I could make some paintings on a medium sized format, on drawing paper. I loved it, I mixed paint and...

Daily Painting: Daily dose of color

Dear reader, This is today's daily dose of color for me. Even though I'm not painting these days like I did a few months ago, at least I enjoy color, structure, texture and composition! Bye!

Daily Painating: Postcard with Dots

Dear reader, it's difficult to sustain my painting practice, since I work on my book, but this morning I decided to make another postcard. I love it! Below I post some extra details (next to the detail on top).bye!

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On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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