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In our society, art-making is often seen as something ‘for the professionals.’ For people who have gone to art school, for people who have ‘real talent.’ For ‘artistic types.’ Not for us, clearly!

This is so untrue! If you look at children, you can see how natural art-making is. Children just love to play with color, with shapes, with lines. They glue, they scratch, they tear, they paint. They simply enjoy the gestures and marks that they make effortlessly with their tools or hands.

When we grow older, we lose touch too easily with our innate creativity. This is such a pity because we lose so much more—our spontaneity, our natural self-trust, our playfulness, and the simple joy of ‘just making something.’

This workbook—or maybe I should call it a ‘playbook’—is specially designed to get you back in touch with your innate playfulness and creativity. It does so by making the barriers to art-making as low as possible. Everybody can join, even if kindergarten was fifty or more years ago, and if you are an experienced artist it can be so much fun to go back to the basics of playing with stuff.

The goal of this workbook is not for you to make perfectly finished paintings—you can make plenty of them later!, but to simply get you started making something. Not having time is no excuse since every assignment only costs you five minutes. Not having money is no excuse either since you can simply start creating with things that are already in your house or that are very low cost, such as scraps of paper, glue, children’s pencils or paint, crayons, cardboard.

I wish you so much fun with this workbook! You can sign up for it on this page.

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