Live painting demo: Painting in Surrender

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Dear readers,


At this moment I’m (re)reading two books of Michael Singer: ‘The surrender experiment‘, and ‘The untethered soul‘ (affiliate-links).

I read ‘The untethered soul’ maybe half a year ago, and at that moment it seemed kind of ‘technical’ to me. I preferred the way Eckhart Tolle writes and speaks about the subject of ‘letting the ego go and give Life the lead’.

But now I picked up another book of Michael Singer, ‘The surrender experiment’. A very intriguing book about how Michael had an awakening experience at a young age, in which he became intensely aware of ‘The voice in the head’, that speaks all the time. He decided to devote his life to ‘the surrender experiment’: to live not by what he liked or disliked, by what the voice in the head told him, but by what Life ‘nudged’ him to do.

Today I was asking myself: ‘Can I paint in a surrendered mode?’ Not listening to the voice in the head, not listening to ‘my inner roommate’, as Michael Singer calls it. But just let ‘Life’ paint – follow the lead of what the hand does, what colors it chooses, the movements it makes. Be silent, work from within, from the life energy that pervades us.

I believe that’s where creativity comes from, and I know that it’s that why I’m so passionate about painting. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to let the voice talk, and let me paint in the meantime.


This is what came out today: (it’s about 15/20 cm, that’s 6/8″).

I had the experience that I didn’t criticize (positively or negatively) my painting that much today. It was just what came out.


I made a 21 minute painting demo about it: I only cut away the noisy hairdryer-moments ;-)! For the rest it’s only me painting.




Have a wonderful, creative, and surrendered day ;-)!


(Below you’ll find two Amazon-(affiliate) links to the two books of Michael Singer).





  1. Dotty Seiter

    Your Painting in Surrender video and post dovetail satisfyingly with my current intention to practice “pause” throughout my waking hours.

    Thank you for inviting me into your studio, into your painting!

    I noticed the observing ‘eyes’ on the upper right edge of your finished piece right away when I first opened your post today. I then smiled when I witnessed their emergence into the painting very near the end of your process.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Yes, it’s lovely to invite you and other people in my studio to watch! Painting can be a lonely endeavour (how does one spell this word? ;-)), and it’s nice to share some of it.
      And indeed it’s fun to see that some important parts of the painting are only added in the last two seconds or so!

      As always: thanks so much for your comments! They mean so much to me!


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