Practicing the Power of Now as a painter

Practicing the Power of Now   You might have read ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. This book is about the importance of quitting the excessive thinking about the past and the future, and realizing that there is only one moment: ‘Now.’ Everything else is a...

My name is Simone

Daily painting changed my life, and I am so passionate about it. That’s why I started this blog. I would love to inspire you to let your creativity flow and start making art – even (or maybe especially) if you have never painted.


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My daily painting

I try to paint every day, and I write about my daily art practice on this blog. Take a look and join me!


Daily Painting: New brushes!

Dear readers,   Today, another 30/30 cm painting! It's the second layer on yesterday's second painting. Hardly anything left of that layer! I painted with my new paintbrushes that I ordered yesterday. Yesterday I was watching Flora Bowley's free 'Together Apart-...

Daily Painting: A new layer!

Dear readers,   Today I added a totally unexpected layer on yesterday's painting. Yesterday I didn't like it so much (too loud), and today I decided to give it a second chance.   And also I made a start with a second 30/30 cm painting.   I see the...

Daily Painting: 30 x 30 cm again!

Dear readers,   Today I worked on a 30/30 cm piece of wallpaper. It's so much fun to be in the flow again! Yesterday I hit 'buy' for two shiploads of art supplies. (or so it seems to me - at least it was quite a bit of money that I spent ;-)). It will take a bit...

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