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Dear readers,


Sometimes, I’m very busy, and then I often think: let’s skip painting, and do some so-called ‘real work’. Maybe you can relate to that ;-)?

But then I remember what I’m ‘preaching’ to others: ‘You can always make something simple on the back of a business card’. And so I took my own advice.

I took out some leftover scraps of a piece of collage paper that I made a while ago. And I took my Molotow marker, fineliner, liquid acrylics, matte medium and crayons.

And I made a small collage. You can watch the process below in the video.


The materials that I used are:

  • Molotow marker 4 mm, black
  • Fineliner 0,5 mm, black
  • Golden Liquid Acrylics Black
  • Golden Liquid Acrylics Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
  • Golden Matte Medium
  • Caran d’Ache Neocolor II, White
  • Caran d’Ache Neocolor II, Blue Turquoise

(do you want to download my complete list of favorite materials. Go to the free library, and check it out there!)


Have fun watching!






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Would you love to paint, but never take the time? Sign up here for the free video series about collage making, and start painting now!


  1. Simone
    • Simone Nijboer
  2. Sheila Delgado

    Love watching you work Simone 😉 Love the quin gold, and your messy mark making! That’s a vote for more videos. LOL 🙂
    Happy creating to you 🙂

    • Simone Nijboer

      Hi Sheila, thanks for your comment! I’m indeed planning to make more video’s. I like watching them too 😉

  3. marian de Rijk

    Hi Simone, I love your video’s and love to see that you paint en cover it all up again without hesitation and without expectation. Just working in the moment. For me, with a great desire to make something with my hands but always thinking about it instead of doing it the video is the right thing. If I only see a result I immediately think, o that I cannot achieve, no way. So I am veruy curious about your online collagemaking thing. Let’s try again!!

    • Simone Nijboer

      That would be so much fun, Marian! I’m glad the video worked out well. I know, seeing the process can be so revealing: it is not some kind of miraculous thing that is very far away. On the contrary, it is something that anybody can do, and anybody can develop. I’m looking forward to how things will develop in your creative life! Saw your subscription on the waiting list coming in. Thanks en heel veel groetjes!!!!!

  4. Dotty Seiter

    Your video is AWESOME! It is SO wonderful to see you creating in real time, making a mess, nudging yourself not to think too much, creating unity with the Quin gold, and stopping suddenly when the composition catches your attention and pleases you. TERRIFIC!

    • Simone Nijboer

      Thanks so much, Dotty! So nice it ‘lands’!


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