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The topic of today’s podcast is: ‘Painting and the Purpose of your Life’.


Sometimes I can get really serious about the role of painting in my life. Is painting my Life Purpose? Should I become a fulltime artist, and earn my living with it? Call it my profession?’  And very often, when I ask myself these questions, I can get constricted into all sorts of internal dialogues, sounding like this:

  • Am I a real painter?
  • Should I have gone to art school?
  • I should have started earlier in my life!
  • Do I have all the qualities that it takes to give painting such an essential role in my life?


Today, I want to approach this topic about painting and the purpose of your life in a very light way.

Listen to it here, and have fun!



Podcast Episode 2: Painting and the Purpose of Your Life


You can find the link to my online course about collage making here.

Painting and the Purpose of Your Life

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