ArtNow | Earth & Sky – Skater dress


ArtNow | Earth & Sky – Skater dress

A beautiful all over printed skater dress for women who love abstract art.

The dress has a flattering fit and is based on the original acrylic painting ‘Earth & Sky’ by Simone Nijboer.

The warm olive green and green turquoise make a beautiful contrast, and the black marks give a graphic touch.

Available in high quality crushed velvet or in chain jersey (see the tabs for the details).

The dress is handmade to order, and is eco-friendly and sustainable made.



The garment is printed by Contrado, a company with a clear vision about sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Read all about their sustainability policy here.

About the Crushed Velours:
This is a knitted, poly-based fabric, which, due to its tight construct, stretches significantly more with the weft but still allowing a fair amount with the warp. With its very fine mesh-like build, the crushed velour printing retains opaque quality.
The Crushed Velour fabric is quite a light textile, but has volume and retains heat well due to its soft pile. Its unique shiny fabric surface absorbs and reflects light and gives it the sheen and shimmer.
  • Properties: soft, shiny, opaque
  • Super bright rich and deep print, with shimmer, ripple and shine
  • Highly stretchy

Take a look here for more information about the crushed velours.



About the Chain Jersey

This is a pique knit, poly-blend stretch jersey.
The Pique knit creates parallel cording which runs the length of the fabric, creating a combination of indents and relief on the fabric. This cording is where the fabric gets its name Chain from.

Chain Jersey fabric is an open knit, breathable fabric. Elasticity in the fabric gives it a bounce and energy, which sits nicely on the body with a natural drape.

  • Properties: Soft, Elastic, Matte, Opaque, Knitted
  • Pique knit, stretch Jersey

Take a look here for more information about the chain jersey. You’ll find some close up photo’s too.

Contrado is a print-on-demand company – which means that the dress is not mass-produced, but handmade especially for you.

Therefore, please read their terms and conditions about returns and refunds here, before ordering.

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