The Art of Now

Painting as Spiritual Practice

Would you love to paint from a deeper place inside of yourself?


Art-making is a wonderful thing to do. You can get in the flow, forget about yourself, and just play with the colors, the shapes, the textures. Simply enjoy the process and watch the painting unfold.

But so often it doesn’t work that way. Painting can be a struggle. The voice in your head is criticizing you. You doubt yourself. You wonder if you’re meant to be an artist. And you ask yourself: is this it? Why can’t painting be a free-flowing, inspiring experience? Why is this all so difficult?

Before you know it, you throw in the towel. You put your paints and your brushes in a closet. You decide: painting isn’t for you.

That hurts.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


If you learn to let go of the voice in the head and surrender to the painting process, your best art flows freely out of your hands.

You are not painting: Life itself is painting, and uses your hands to create beauty. That’s a deeply satisfying process.

Your ego (the part of you that wants to be special, that wants to stand out, that’s insecure, that wants to control) comes to a standstill. The voice in the head finally shuts up. You’re free to paint from a deeper place inside yourself.


This flows over to the rest of your life


This ability to let go of the voice inside your head makes painting a wonderful experience. But it can also help you to develop the same attitude to the rest of your life.

This way, your painting practice becomes a spiritual practice. Not with your eyes closed, not sitting on a meditation cushion, but with a paintbrush in your hand and paint on your fingers. You surrender to the painting process, and you surrender to Life at the same time.


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