The ArtNow Community

The online network for abstract artists


The ArtNow Community


Making abstract art can be a lonely endeavor. You work in your studio or on your kitchen table, and there are not always many people who understand what you are doing and why you are so passionate about it. Maybe even not many people know about it!

Sometimes art-making is challenging, and at those moments it is easy to get discouraged and start procrastinating in making your art. At that moment you could need a community where other artists can see your work, follow your development, and support you on your journey.


A hospitable place

That’s why I founded the ArtNow Community. It wants to be a hospitable online place, where you can be yourself and grow as an artist.

In this community, we can share successes and struggles on the path of art-making. We can ask questions, and give each other information about tools and materials. We can share our successes and tell what makes us happy and proud, but we don’t need to ‘keep up appearances’ and show only the shiny side of our art-making.



The ArtNow Community is deliberately international. The main language will be English, but I hope that artists for whom English is not their first language will not hesitate to take part.


Join in!

If you are an abstract artist, please join in! Everybody is welcome—beginning as well as advanced artists. And, of course, people who would love to start making art, but are hesitant to do so, are also most welcome.

This network is in an experimental beginners-phase, so the community is still very small. Joining now is free. In the future I might charge a fee—it all depends on how the network develops. It is my explicit wish, though, to keep the barriers to join the ArtNow Community as low as possible.

You can join by clicking the link below.

I look  forward to seeing you in the ArtNow Community!




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