The Joy of Collage Making - Bonuses

Bonus # 1:

Downloadable and printable pdf of an example collage paper that I made in this course.

If you haven’t made your own collage papers yet, you can start straight away with prints of this piece of collage paper that I already made for you. This way, you can directly jump into the process of collage making, and start making your own collage paper later on. I also added some detailed shots.

Bonus # 2:

Downloadable and printable pdfs of the example collages that I made in this course.

By printing them out, you can study the example collages that I made in detail.

Bonus # 3:

Downloadable prints of ten of my collages

You can print them out, and use them as art cards or mount them and enjoy them on your walls!

Bonus # 4:

Four extra video’s about the making of collage paper

In these four video’s I’ll show you the process of the making of the second piece of collage paper, to give you more inspiration on how to create collage paper yourself.

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