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Eckhart Tolle: The power of Now

The power of Now might be the best book that I have on the shelf. Eckhart Tolle is my absolute favorite author, and if you are interested in spirituality, this is in my opinion the clearest and deepest book there is.
Always, when I feel a bit ‘low’, I get this book out, and even reading a page or two gets me back into Reality, instead of in the Highly recommended!

Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth

A New Earth is the second book of Eckhart Tolle, and – in my opinion – as good as the Power of Now. Essential reading stuff!



Eckhart Tolle: Findhorn Retreat

This is a video recording of a retreat that was held in Findhorn, a spiritual community in Scotland. It was the first video I saw of Eckhart Tolle, and it made a deep impression on me. It was very funny too: half of the time I was laughing out loud. Spirituality doesn’t have to be ‘serious’ and ‘austere!

When you realize how crazy your thoughts are, and how important the Ego wants to make itself, it’s very humorous! Laughing about yourself – in a loving and positive way – is very healing. I highly recommend this dvd-set.

By the way: I could list all Eckharts books and dvd’s in this list: they’re all wonderful.

Michael Singer: The untethered soul

This book has more or less the same message as the books of Eckhart Tolle, only Michael Singer tells it from his own angle. He’s a very gentle and down-to-earth practical guy, and writes extensively about how you can let go of ‘the voice in your head’ (which he describes as ‘your inner roommate’ – I could immediately relate to that ;-)).

Highly recommended!


Michael Singer: The surrender experiment

This book reads as a novel. After a deep awakening experience at a fairly young age, Michael decides to surrender himself to Life, and follow Life’s directions. He doesn’t base the course of his life on his own likes and dislikes, but follows the nudges of what Life seems to want of him. He starts a spiritual community in the woods of Florida, and calls this way of living in the Now ‘The Surrender Experiment’.

At a certain moment he’s the CEO of a multi million dollar company, and the next moment he’s sued by the United States of America for fraud. He stays in surrender mode, and everything unfolds just right.

This book helped me to understand better ‘The untethered soul’ – so read them both. Highly recommended!


Byron Katie: Loving What Is

Another fundamental book, you’ve probablyl heard of it. Byron Katie is famous for her a kind of spiritual self-examination, which she calls ‘The Work’. If you’re lost in your opinions, or if your thoughts drive you crazy, Byron Katie gives you a practical way of dealing with them.

Years ago, I had a hard time understanding the process. I found it irritating and it was getting me nowhere. But through the years, I really got to appreciate the simple way she’s helping you letting the voice in your head get quiet, and accept life just the way it is.

Highly recommended!

If you want to start doing the Work, you can find a lot of free information on the internet. Check it out!


Art & Creativity

Julia Cameron: The Complete Artist’s Way

This book has been very important on my creative journey. Long before I started painting – I was still very young – I bought it in a feminist bookshop.

It was quite an expensive book for me at that time. First, it was a hardcover book. Second, it contained three books in one (it includes three of Julia Cameron’s books: The Artist’s Way, Walking in This World, and Finding Water).

I never regretted buying it. On the contrary, it has inspired me to keep searching for the creative spark, and not give up on it!

Julia Cameron has a ‘program’: every day, you should write your ‘Morning Pages’, and every week, you should have an ‘artist date’ with yourself. I never have followed her advice strictly, but still, the book has influenced me deeply. Recommended!



Julia Cameron: The Complete Artist’s Way

This is a very fun book to read! Elizabeth Gilbert invites everybody to follow their creative dreams, and time after time assures you that it’s possible.

She’s very practical too: go and sit down and do the work, instead of only think and dream about it. Recommended!



Michele Cassou: Life, Paint and Passion

This book is another important one in my creative life. I bought it long ago, at a moment in my life when I was craving for creativity, but still completely stuck.

Michele Cassou writes extensively about that it’s possible to completely free yourself from all constraints, and paint without abandon.

The only thing that didn’t work for me, was that she is strict about not showing your work to others and not aiming for ‘beautiful’ work. Also, she advises to use craft paints, so you’re not going to worry too much about costs and so on. But I didn’t like the way those paints dried, so I was disappointed with what I made all the time.

Finally, I let go of Michele Cassou’s opinions about these things. I wanted to create something that I loved, that I found beautiful. Nothing wrong with that!

Still, this book has been very important to me. Recommended!



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