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The Joy of Collage Making

This course is the best course if you

  • You have never painted before, and don’t know how to start
  • You have painted realistically, but want to start making abstract art
  • You are already making abstract art, but you feel stuck, uninspired or blocked
  • You don’t have much time or space to create, and you are looking for ways of incorporating making art in your life.
  • You want to establish a regular painting practice, and find it difficult to do that with the way you paint right now.


The Art of Now

This course is the best course if you

  • You love painting, but you lose your joy in the process because your inner critic is too active
  • You want to develop a more personal style that reflects who you are
  • You feel that your paintings are stiff and ‘overthought’
  • You keep on doubting and second guessing during the painting process
  • You want painting to be a part of your spiritual practice.


Make Art & Change your Life

This course is the best course if you

  • You are creative, and going through a difficult time. You are stuck, and you intuitively feel that creative expression will get you out of the rut.
  • You have all sorts of plans and dreams, and want to make them true
  • You are right-brained. Only thinking about a problem doesn’t make an impact. Making things with your hand does.
  • You want to use your creativity to foster your personal growth and spirituality 
  • You would love to experiment with using the power of text and symbolic language in your art-making.


ArtSchool is the home of all of my online courses. ArtSchool is best for you if:

  • Can’t choose between the three courses above, and want to follow them all!
  • If you want to invest into your artistic, personal and spiritual development.
  • Like the fact that you get all three courses together with a discount.



Do you want to purchase all of my courses with a discount?

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