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Out of Office

In the period between 22 June and 4 September I will be on a thru-hike through the French Pyrenees. I will not be able to answer email during those months. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Online courses

If you have any technical questions about the online courses, please contact Teachable’s support desk directly: support@teachable. com. They have a very friendly staff and most probably will be able to help you.

Also, you can find the student’s guides here. There you will find answers to a lot of practical questions.

If you have other questions about the courses, please wait until September, then I will be able to answer them. In case of a refund, I will make everything in order then. Again: sorry for the inconvenience!



Want to follow me on my hiking adventure?

I will be blogging about it on this site.

The site is in Dutch, but there’s a Google Translation available (on top of the page). You can also sign up for the blogs on the bottom of the page.

You can also follow me on Instagram.



I’ll see you in september!


(And have a beautiful July and August!)







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