Dear readers,


Today I worked on a 30/30 cm piece of wallpaper. It’s so much fun to be in the flow again!

Yesterday I hit ‘buy’ for two shiploads of art supplies. (or so it seems to me – at least it was quite a bit of money that I spent ;-)). It will take a bit of time – since everything takes a long time at this moment. But soon, I will be able to do my bit of ‘unboxing’, too!

At this moment I’m inspired by Flora Bowley’s ‘Together-Apart’ virtual meetings on the internet. I think it’s great that she offers these free virtual inspiration-sessions. A marvellous way to do something good in these confusing times.

I’m so grateful for being in the flow again. It definitely has to do with the quarantaine. There is less of the usual hustle and bustle, so more time for diving into the creative process. So I’m glad at least something good comes out of this time of worldwide upheaval.




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