Daily Painting: making art as a contemplative practice

Daily painting

Yesterday I already talked about Steve Taylor’s book: ‘The Leap – the psychology of spiritual awakening’. He speaks of creativity (especially making poetry and painting) as ‘spiritual practice’.

Now I always have had that experience. To me, painting means: becoming silent inside, the mind stops chatting, it’s just me and the painting (big or small). The painting talks to me, as it were, it indicates itself where some paint needs to be added.

Sometimes I have that experience – not always. Sometimes I think: what am I going to do now? But sometimes (and luckily today), I could sort of tune in to the painting, as if it wants to communicate with me, and I just have to listen carefully to what it has to say to me. Then it is completely clear what the painting is asking for, and what I have to do. Then there is no searching, but only the ‘execution’ of the painting. 

The painting makes itself as it were, I only provide my hands (and of course my brain too – because I have to know how to mix certain colors, and how to create the effect that the painting wants to achieve). So it’s not that my brain no longer has any task. And the exercise I’ve had after all these years also makes sense.


Well, these were just some thoughts.


And now about what came out today.

Unfortunately I forgot to photograph ‘before’ and ‘after’ (see also the previous blogs). I hope to remember that next time.


Here it is:





Here’s another detail. Not spectacular, but still fun to see some lines and dots and splashes.






  1. Dotty Seiter

    Lines and dots and splashes, listening and responding and executing.



    • Simone Nijboer

      Yes, it’s quite busy being a painting 😉


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