Daily Painting: Plowing through the mud

Daily painting

dear readers,


Today I made a small collage, which was a complete mess halfway. I decided to soldier on anyway, plow through the mud, and make something of it. The fun thing about collage is that you can glue new pieces of paper over the layers you don’t like. I glued tissue paper on it, which became one big messy gluey thing. If you enlarge the photo below, you can see all the traces of hard work.

It’s a fun idea though that you don’t have to give up halfway, even if it does not look promising at all. The final result is not that perfect, but at least I can say I made the best of it.





  1. Dotty Seiter

    Oh my gosh, Simone, this post is well timed! I had a miserable plow-through-the-mud day in my studio recently (felt like I’d SWALLOWED mud, for that matter!). I think I’ve scheduled it to post today, so you’ll get to see it soon. I do later rescue it, but that halfway point can sometimes feel pretty discouraging. As I write this, it’s interesting to me to note that ‘complete messes’ happen all the time, but I don’t always the same response. Sometimes I feel heavy and discouraged, other times I see the mess as an adventure and a fun challenge. I’ve tended to think that the mess comes first and the feeling second, but now I’m wondering if sometimes the mess is the manifestation of my inner self, which is sometimes vulnerable and fragile, other times spunky and resilient. No matter what, thank goodness for art!

    • Simone Nijboer

      I completely agree! Interesting: what comes first? My experience is that I don’t need to feel messy to make messy art, and sometimes I feel terrible and I make something beautiful. Maybe it is if I’m in the Here and Now I don’t care what comes out, I enjoy the process and wonder how I will get one foot for the other in the mud. No guarantees for beautiful work, though.

      I’m writing an article on this, I’ll publish it soon.


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