Daily Painting: Six Paintings, day 16

Daily painting

Dear reader,


Today I added the second layer to the third painting. I have been thinking a lot about the whole painting process this weekend, that it’s a lot about letting go. This is a platitude of course, but still, it is true. When you cling on to the result, there will always be something that feels ‘forced’. When you completely let go of what the painting will turn out, there is a carelessness and joy that jumps of the canvas. That’s what makes a painting beautiful. It’s not the same as ‘indifference’. You are completely involved and devoted to the painting. But still, there is some detachment: everything may happen. You just paint on until it feels really good.

I have been reading a book about ‘the Sedona method’ (from Hale Dworkin). This method is all about letting go of expectations (and the feelings that accompany them). It’s similar to what Eckhart Tolle is preaching, but with a more practical touch. I really like it, and I have to think about the painting process all the time when I’m reading it. In that sense: painting can be a perfect practising ground for this ‘letting go-process’. Because there are often so many thoughts running in the background when you paint, and they’re all ‘result-oriented’. What if we really good let go, and just paint. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Have a great day!

Simone Nijboer, Dutch abstract artist, online art teacher, daily painter, creativity accelerator


  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, your words and painting touched me just now. Thank you.

    • Simone Nijboer

      You’re welcome! Of course, this is an eternal topic, but I have to rediscover it time after time!


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