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Dear readers,


Today, I didn’t have a lot of time (my husband turns 51 today, and we baked a ‘Hollandse Appeltaart’ together). But I wanted to create something anyway, so I took my own advice, and made a collage (if you want to find out how I did that, subscribe to the free video’s about collage making! – see the link below, next to the yellow block)


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I was really happy that I did so, because

  • I would have missed the creative start of the day
  • I didn’t have to clean up all those brushes, like I had to do yesterday, and the day before yesterday.

It made me think. There is a reason why I love simplicity in choosing colors.

There is one artist (Line Juhl Hansen, I wrote a blog post about her) whom/who I admire verly much.

She told once in a video that she only used three colors: yellow, red, blue. Wow! That blew my mind away. I love the colors in her work, and she only made them with three basic colors!

Because of this, her work always hangs together. There is a rough simplicity in it, which I like.


On the other hand, there’s an artist called Claire des Jardins, whom I also admire very much.

Her work is very colorful, and I’m quite sure she uses lots and lots and lots of different colors in her work. And I like that too!


Where will I end up? Simplicity in color? More complexity? Or both? We’ll see!


Below, you’ll find the other collage I made (the first one is above the blog),  plus the collage paper that I used.

I only used quinacridone nickel azo gold to finish the collage, and two markers to add some dots and stripes.

Wish you a beautiful and creative day!




  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, these are such striking little nuggets of creativity—small in size, grand in stature! I don’t know if lighting is impacting the photograph colors here but I find the darker values compelling.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Thanks! I indeed also liked this very dark/blue/green!


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