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Video: Making a collage (1)


Collage-making is big fun. I write here about why it is so freeing, and why you can learn so much from it.

In this blog post, I will show you a video of the process of making a piece of postcard-size collage. I used an old business flyer of mine and, since the card gets almost completely covered, it doesn’t matter that there is already something on it. You can use anything as a substrate as long as it is sturdy.

I used scraps of collage paper that I made myself. I’ll show a photo of this piece of paper below the video and a photo of the finished collage, too.



The materials I used are:


In this video I use simple paper glue, since my Matte Medium was finished and I had not bought another container yet. The beautiful thing about Matte Medium is that it dries transparently, so you can use it as a top layer that protects the collage and keeps it together beautifully.


Have fun watching! And please let me know in the comments about your experience with collage making.


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