1 juni 2017


Dear readers,


Since I want to take an afternoon off, I decided to simply work on copy paper, with one colour and crayons and markers only. It turned out to take some more time, and I started using collage too. But it was nice to see how things developed, even though I stayed on known territory.


Also I post a video of an artist that I stumbled upon, Jolie Guillebeau. She gives a Ted Talk, about daily creating. Interesting, and she underlines exactly what I find so important: just do the work, don’t dream about it, dont think about it, but do it, and accept that the results are sometimes very poor (and sometimes excellent too!).





  1. Simone Nijboer

    Yes, it was funny to realize that it took me maybe even more time then my painting yesterday. But I think the three paintings are already meaning a lot to me, so I don’t want to feel any hurry working on them.


  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I love seeing how you ‘take a break’ to do what fits the shape of your day; I love that you keep painting, no matter what.

    I’m amused that you ended up taking more time than planned and went outside your self-set limits of one color paint and only crayons/markers!

    And I totally love those two eyes staring into mine from your painting, saying, “Do the work, don’t dream about it, don’t think about it, but do it, and accept that the results are sometimes very poor and sometimes excellent.”


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