1 november 2016


Dear readers,



Today I did not work on Jane Davies course. It is the last day, so I will not be able to enter this assignment before the deadline, but I gave priority to my ‘normal’ painting. And am happy with it.

I worked further on the fifth of the big canvases. Now really only playing with colour. No composition in mind yet, simply playing with paint. Using yellow, and I now have learned I can only use yellow if I put white under it. Yellow is too transparant to just use it on its own (at least with this study quality brand), and it looks really awful for instance on black.)

Just another layer, work in progress!





  1. Simone Nijboer

    Dotty, thanks! letting this canvas evolve is indeed very delightful…

    I just noticed how many paintings I already had finished (four) so I might finish the last two too for Jane Davies Class. Let’s see if I can manage that today!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Look at these bright cheery vibrant colors and playful free-spirited shapes, scribbles, and lines! So much fun to see another canvas coming to life. This painting feels like an invitation to meβ€”I do plan to stay focused on the Jane Davies class for its final week, but then I will clean up my studio and see what bubbles up and out of my paintbrush. Until then, I’ll watch, with great curiosity and delight, YOUR canvas evolve.


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