12 februari 2016


Dear readers,

Today I only write in English. I got tired and confused by writing in two languages. It’s a lot of work. My English is far from perfect, but most Dutch readers will understand it, and my English readers just have two forgive me my mistakes!

The painting to the left is smaller, but so you can see the whole picture better. And you can open it up by clicking on it to see it more closely. (Let me hear if you think this is an improvement or not…)

I worked again on 20/20 cm (8/8 inch), with the same earth colours, and the same spraybottle. It is nice to see the interaction between the effects that happen by accident (I can’t control the spraybottle completely, I can’t control where the drips go completely, I don’t know where the little splashes of paint drop). But of course I can influence them by turning the paper, by spraying more or less hard etcetera.

But: purposeful composition plays its role. Here below you see the painting in an earlier stage. I liked it very much at that time, and considered it done. But then I felt: ‘No’. It is too much ‘coincidence’, and not enough purposeful composition. I changed some of the black, I carved it in with a sharp pencil, I added the white crayon. Now it looks more complete to me.

The first painting was ready quite soon, so I decided to make a ‘paper prayer’. Dotty Seiter inspired me to do so. A paper prayer has the size of a bookmark, and of course you can use it like that.

I wanted to find out if my current way of working also works on a small scale. Below you see the result.


Here below you find first the painting ‘before’ and ‘after’. And then: the paper prayer.




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  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I love this piece! And I appreciate your showing the progression from coincidence to intentional composition. I like the changes you made. They ‘anchor’ the painting. The added black at the bottom and the white crayon marks are captivating.

    And a paper prayer! Indeed, your current way of working also works on a small scale : )


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